How can I help parents of young adults?
A survey of 10 questions to understand what parents of 16-24yrs need to support them to raise financially independent children.
How confident are you that your son/ daughter will be able to manage their own money by the time they leave home? *

Where do they get their income from? *

Who has the most influence on their spending? *

How much does price influence what your child buys? *

Do you feel they take responsbility for their own finances? *

As a parent, what worries you the most about their financial future? *

e.g. Their lack of interest in budgeting, their 'Live for today' approach, how difficult it will be for them to buy a house etc
What do you think they need to prepare them for their financial future?

Who should teach them how to manage their money? *

Would you pay for them to take part in a financial awareness course? *

{{answer_11877074}} If yes, how much would you pay? *

What is your name?

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Survey purpose
The purpose of this survey is to gather a greater understanding of the financial education needs of young adults and how Look After Your Pennies can provide a better financial mentoring service to parents, guardians and young adults.
In addition, some of the results from this survey may be used towards the content planning of a current book project, which aims to provide parents of young adults information on how to support their children to become financially independent.

All responses will be treated as anonymous, regardless of whether a name and email address are completed.

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By providing your email address you are allowing Look After Your Pennies to email a report summarising the responses to the survey.
In addition you will be added to the Look After Your Pennies newsletter, to be sent relevant and interesting articles related to financial education and looking after your money. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Further information
If you require any further information on the survey or any of the services offered at, please email
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